#107 – of days past

hello!! (:

soooo i took an extremely long hiatus from this blog… oops. after the last post, things got crazy & too much for me to keep posting, and i’ve been going out every single day since As ended (since nov 29) .-. this christmas weekend is the only time i have from nov 29 – dec 30 when im not going out & can stay at home to recuperate, so im gonna milk this weekend for all its worth

before i forget though, i’ll do a quick rundown of the past month or so!! i’ve missed so many of my friends & have been filled with so much love and happiness this month that i feel quite emotional just thinking about it. well, here we go, future sonia:

nov 29 – A’s ENDED!!!! went to century square to get your face/brows threaded with han (:

nov 30 – tried to learn how to cycle in the morning with dennis (failed) & accidentally swore near to deo’s mom @@ dennis felt so bad about it he bought a bottle of water for you & you were touched if not a bit disappointed in yourself. met up with the batch at eunos to celebrate boaz’s bday!! rae, bert, joy & sha were there too (: travelled to ECP (with a tiny lil hiccup cause boaz put in the wrong address to the uber) & got the tandem bike which you shared with rae + sha!! learned how to cycle a bit at kallang stadium (not before slamming into the side of marina barrage when bert tried to teach you & you freaked tho), so it was a phenomenal day in all (:

dec 1 – went to dylan’s house to try recording a song!! unfortunately your vocals werent used cause they were not to the same beat as the instruments but its okay because you made new friends + learned more about music production (:

dec 2 – ramon, amanda + setho came over to your house!! yall ate sushi, played card games & chilled. (hadnt seen them in what felt like years but yall still had a great time)

dec 3 – chilled day where you went out for a massage!! didnt do much this day (i think) but it was still a good break (:

dec 4 – went over to han’s house to bake an avocado lemon cake for evan’s bday!!!!! han taught u about all things girly (she painted your nails black + did your brows) & gave you a lot of food. yall also talked about pentatonix a lot (because you love them, especially mitch grassi) + just had a sublime time in general. the avocado cake turned out amazing & yall were so happy about it!! then came the time to surprise evan at her house — it was 9pm & she was still napping (having gotten home at around 5-6??) so yall had to be sneakysneaky. emmanuel took a video of yall sneaking in with the cake, candles lit, before bursting into song. evan genuinely thought you were her family/church friends & when she realised who you were she was so shocked & surprised (she also thought the cake smelled of chicken & you thought it was you cause you ate chicken doria from saizeriya earlier)!! yall sat around eating the cake & talking for a while before you & han had to go home. it was a stellar night all around. yayy

dec 5 – htht-ed with nadine in the morning in school before meeting yongqi to plan the taiwan trip!! planning went smoothly (yall didnt follow the itinerary when yall were there tho lol) (:

dec 6 – went to new2u with yongqi!! + had a vegetarian lunch at fortune centre (: you found some really nice clothes (you spent $42 in total omg) and were very happy for the rest of the day

dec 7 – baked at zimin’s house with the rest of creebeebee (except alice who couldnt make it ):)!!!!! yall baked peach-mango sponge cakewiches with peach filling + cream cheese frosting (: it was delicious!!!! yall had pizza for lunch & western food (you had the fish & chips) for dinner. watched the great escape (cried), talked a lot about random things & just chilled with people youd missed for ages and ages. so full of love for this bunch.

dec 8 – prom!!!! (+ pansexual pride day!) you had a chill morning & afternoon before starting to prepare for prom — you wore a black dress, black faux leather jacket & your black&white skechers sneakers. you had an incredible time sitting next to china (who u have some cool photos with) and talking to all the friends who made RI great (: before prom (cause you got there wayyy too early), you and joshua hung around waiting for your other friends to arrive & had a good time just chatting (: the rest of prom was just full of running around to take photos, subtly eating from the non-lactose-intolerant-designed menu & having a great time with your friends. yayayayay.

dec 9 – met jonah in the morning to “cycle” (hahahahahahahah you didnt cycle) and take photos!! havent seen him in months so this was way overdue (: then you met han for lunch at fortune centre & went to chinatown to eat cakes from well dressed salad bar!! though yall were caught in a downpour otw back to the mrt station, you had a good time with han (ofc you did you always do) & went home feeling happy

dec 10 – national gallery with evan!!! both of you were late (by like 30-40mins oops) but after lunch yall had fun walking around the museum & reading things for like 4-5h. your legs + brain were dead by the end of the day BUT you had an amazing time with evan (as usual)!! #soniagelyn

dec 11 – you met up with claire!! FINALLY after so many long months!!!! + you finally tried the acai bowl youve been talking about for years & loved it (you spend the next few days before taiwan making blueberry nicecream bowls to try & recreate the taste), yall walked along scape & chanced upon some questionable activity, and just htht-ed & chilled & had a wonderful time as usual. took lots of selfies & ate too much food & found VEGAN!!!! green tea popcorn from muji that was delicious.

dec 12 – went out with gitta & valerie to try this vegetarian place in katong shopping centre!! valerie was ~1h late cause she was having stomach problems so you & gitta ate first. after that you guys walked around trying to find things to do but ended up just sitting at the water playground on the rooftop of I12 playing heads-up & chilling for ages. you hadnt seen them in soooo long so this was veryvery welcome.

dec 13 – new2u with kel!!!! it was a successful trip yet again (you FINALLY found a pair of denim shorts omg) & yall had long john silver for lunch (hadnt eaten here in years) before catching moana which made you cry like a baby (every single time a stingray came on, waterworks). after that you had dinner at fortune centre with rae ann & htht-ed with her while walking around bugis+ for ages. this day was so full of love and companionship ahh.

dec 14 – went to changi city point with erjie & mama to buy skechers!! you bought 2 pairs of shoes (one colourful & one b&w) and walked around getting last minute supplies for taiwan. then you went home to rest a lil before heading to the airport to catch your!!! flight!!!!

dec 15 to 22 – taiwan trip!! will post the details of this soon (as this post is already exceedingly long), but you basically had an amazing time spending it with your marvellous friends (:

dec 23 – job interview part 1!! you were really nervous beforeduringafter the interview but it went smoothly & you were sooo relieved when it was over!! you also went to chris’s house for a class christmas dinner & realised just how much you missed your classmates. i love you 3B i dont ever wanna leave

okay that’s the quick summary of my holiday thus far!! dw future!sonia, youll get details of the taiwan trip eventually.

see you soon(?) with the next post!!

– sonia


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