#134 – enchanting evenings


yay finally a non-sad post!! rejoice, rejoice (and fall to your knees)

two days ago, ECC had our annual choir concert at SOTA 😄 we’d spent months rehearsing for 1.5h of stage time & though i felt ready before, the moment they told us to get into our rows to go on stage, i felt like my stomach was gonna drop out of my body.

in the lead-up to this concert there were many stressful & frustrating moments. i was tired and demoralized (and ready to throw in the towel at times), but the elation and joy at being on stage again eventually swept all of it away. 

seeing my friends there was a huUUUuge plus too!! thank you to joshua, han, evan, dylan, chris, jaya, ericka, jarret, sheng, yan, tasha, tricia, amanda, setho & ramon for coming!!!! & manymany thank yous to my other friends (sheena, qd, dennis, valerie, gitta, dawn, alex & ritika) for supporting & encouraging me throughout these few months of exhausting rehearsals!!! what would i do without you ;__;

couldnt have done it without some super special choir members as well — to the kids & youths section, thank you so much for always being energetic enough to raise my energy levels during rehearsals!!! you guys are so Cute and Beautiful and i couldnt imagine choir without each and every one of you there to perk me up. the little 7-Up & Murderer breaks we had (during which i was constantly eating) genuinely lifted my mood, so thank you!!!! and to the adults, notably lynn, elise & acid, thank you for always being there to guide and assist us during rehearsals!! i really enjoy hanging out with you & your kids!!!!! let’s hang out again soon ✌

and of course, much gratitude to our conductor ms khor & our accompanist bertrand!! rehearsals were extremely productive thanks to your quick understanding of each other and of the music. it was really a treat getting to sing for (& with) you and i hope we did you proud!!

still reallyreally full on love and happiness from saturday 😊😊 dont know when this quiet high will fade but i will keep it in mind the next time i’m feeling worn out during rehearsals. one down, 3 to go. whew 💪💪💪

dear future!sonia, i hope you still feel the same sweeping joy when you step out on stage next. i know you might be too busy to perform but i hope you made time for it, cause you truly love it. to help jog your memory, here are some photos from saturday. cause why not 😊😊

yay for concerts and yay for butterflies in your stomach and yay for the applause 😊 cant wait to perform again!!! 22&23 july, we’re coming for you ✌✌✌

see you (maybe) soon!!!

– sonia


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